Portraits. Generated/created with AI. Edition 1 of 1 each.

Digital Collectible NFTs

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There are currently two "Addons" for the CryptoPortraits Project.


With this Addon, you can own characters of written stories as 1 of 1 Edition Ai-Generated Portraits (NFTs) on the Blockchain. Not only is this fun, the idea is, that the hodlers of the Portraits will finally also be able to influence the course of the story in their sense!


The stories are written by Puffin, aka Alan Smale, who's well known in the CryptoArt-Space for his writing, and are published as e-mails/content on

Virtual Band/ORchestra Members

These art part of a Project, where Ai was/is used to generate Music, Covers and Music Videos. Read the Launch-Post.