We're currently looking for Exhibition Spaces and Opportunities around the globe. Want to host an Art Exhibition with the works of Innovative International Artists at your company, location or event? We can make this possible.


Furthermore we're looking for Patronages from Innovative Companies, Organizations and Projects to fuel exhibitions, art contests and other events. So if you have something special and sincere to offer and are interested in promoting your brand in an creative, innovative environment we should talk.


Besides that we're offering a Cryptovoxels Parcel Staging Service. Bought a Parcel as an investment in Cryptovoxels? Don't let it unused: Increase the value of your parcel, neighborhood and Cryptovoxels in general with our Parcel Staging Service! We will build a nice Art Gallery at your parcel for you.
(Visit our Virtual Services Office in Cryptovoxels)


In addition we market Billboards for rent on Cryptovoxels. Get in touch with us, if you have a Cryptovoxels parcel and would like to make money renting out Billboards.