Events · 18. January 2020
Just today we're exhibiting with MakersPlace at Pancakes & Boozes in Oakland, CA. Pancakes & Boozes is "one of the largest pop-up art movements to hit North America over the past decade."

Events · 03. December 2019
An artwork from Hans Benzin is showing at Pure Form: Geometric Abstraction in Blockchain Art Virtual Group Exhibition. The exhibition is curated by Melinda Wang from New York and runs from December 3, 2019 – January 31, 2020 in the SuperRare Gallery in Cryptovoxels.

Events · 13. November 2019
After the recent Crypto Art Show in LA, the show must go on and so we are really happy to be part of the first of it's kind International Crypto Art Show in Shanghai, China, alongside with several other great Crypto-Artists from around the world.

Events · 08. November 2019
We're part of a great Crypto Art Show taking place in Downtown LA by November 19th 2019 as far as of a the Cent Cryptovoxels Art Tour taking place in, yes, Cryptovoxels, currently.

Events · 15. May 2019
The Digital Artwork „The Old Pufferfish and the Mysterious Type of Whale“ by Hans Benzin is going to be shown on a Meural Canvas as part of an Art Show at the Rare Art Festival 2 in New Your City at May 18, 2019