17. February 2020
TL;DR: We've launched a DAO (a digital decentralized autonomous organization) to "gain experience with DAOs for coordinating creative web3 projects." The first use case we will be coordinating collaboration regarding the CryptoPortraits Project. The DAO is called "Creative Collabo DAO" and you can find/join it at Daohaus.

14. February 2020
Today we released the 3rd album as part of the PROOFofSOUND Project. It's called "Piano Power" and is the 2nd album released by the virtual band "Algorithmic Jazz Alliance".

04. February 2020
Joining forces with Puffin, aka Alan Smale, who's well known in the CryptoArt-Space for his writing, we're bringing you CryptoStories. CryptoStories is meant to be some kind of an Addon to the recently launched CryptoPortraits Projects. With this Addon, you can own characters of written stories as 1 of 1 Edition Ai-Generated Portraits (NFTs) on the Blockchain. Not only is this fun, the idea is, that the hodlers of the Portraits will finally also be able to influence the course of the story in...

31. January 2020
Following the recent Push-The-Button-Art Discussion and overall current trends, Hans Benzin is disrupting himself by building The Abstract Art Machine. The Machine, with AI at its core, has currently been trained with 30 abstract artworks by Hans Benzin and is able to generate up to 3840 images per hour based on this input. "Pushing buttons is exhausting, boring and unfulfilling. Let's fully automate this." ~ Hans Benzin

27. January 2020
Visual Art and Music can't be separated. So today we're releasing two Debut Albums with Ai-Generated Music by two fictitious Bands/Groups consisting of Virtual Musicians. Album No. 1 is called "Millions for Melodies" and is made by the Ai-Orchestra "Army with Harmony" who are into Classical Music. Album No. 2 is called "Chilling with the Gods" and played by the Algorithmic Jazz Alliance and - you guessed it - it's Jazz Music. As we had to choose a project's and finally label's name while...

Events · 18. January 2020
Just today we're exhibiting with MakersPlace at Pancakes & Boozes in Oakland, CA. Pancakes & Boozes is "one of the largest pop-up art movements to hit North America over the past decade."

Operations · 18. January 2020
After a winter break we are back in business and would like to share with you a short update on our operations and outlook (as far as possible) for 2020: Features, Cryptovoxels, Gallery Updates, Shows and Exhibitions, Artwork Acquisitions and more.

04. December 2019
Today we're launching CryptoPortraits - Edition 1 of 1 AI-Generated Portraits on the Blockchain. The first 16 tokens just came to life and are now available in the CryptoPortraits Store on OpenSea. Each portrait is generated/created with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and comes as a unique Digital Edition 1 of 1.

Events · 03. December 2019
An artwork from Hans Benzin is showing at Pure Form: Geometric Abstraction in Blockchain Art Virtual Group Exhibition. The exhibition is curated by Melinda Wang from New York and runs from December 3, 2019 – January 31, 2020 in the SuperRare Gallery in Cryptovoxels.

23. November 2019
We just launched the Ever-Changing CryptoArt Project (ECCA). ECCA is a kind of a Conceptual Art NFT-Store respectively Marketplace, where we offer Non-Fungible-Tokens, that come with a special feature.

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