Join the State of the Crypto Art Catalog Project

TL;DR: We want to set up a printed Crypto Art Catalog and are asking artists to become a part of it by providing one or two print-ready double DIN A4 pages that are presenting themself and some of their artworks as far as possible projects. Presented artworks are intended to be exhibited offline one day.


Dear Crypto Artists, 


it has been a bit more than a year now, since Crypto Art came into my life. Connecting a stunning amount of creativity with this revolutionary technology is a dream combination for me and I'm enjoying this space with all it's creative & smart people and projects involved everyday. 


When I started the PROOFofARTWORK Brand, my idea was to make it some kind of an Online-Gallery including an Online-Store. While this idea came more or less true for digital art, we're still not in the physical art business. Entering this area is crucial for sustainable economical success here imho, at least in the way I'm thriving for it. So I'm thinking a lot about how to accomplish this in a way that has a high probability of long term success and at the same time can be managed with the resources available to me. I also always thought about some kind of an "Offline-Component" regarding this initial idea.


So recently I teamed up with a friend of mine, to set up quite large Offline-Exhibition of Digital Art at a large capital in Germany. I'm convinced that our strategy would have led to a very successful event. A few days after we decided to do this, it became clear that there's a major problem coming up, that will affect all our lives soon and for a longer period of time: The Corona-Crisis. Investing weeks and month of work with all its success depending on an offline event that is now at a relatively high risk of being cancelled finally made us thinking about it again. Hint: We won't do it the way it was initially planned, at least not in the coming month. 


So this post is about what we'd like to do instead and how you can get involved as a Crypto Artist if you like. 

The State of the Crypto Art Catalog Project 2020

We want to set up an art catalog called "State of the Crypto Art". (The name might change but I like this one somehow already.) You as a Crypto Artist will get the chance to present yourself, your current work and possible projects on one or two double pages in the DIN A4 format (= DIN A2). The participating artists are asked to design these pages themself and finally provide it as print-ready PDF-File. (If you somehow should struggle making up this page, we'll be happy to support you.)


As the catalog will be a nice product itself, we will finally market it heavily on- and offline. To reduce financial risk to a minimum, we'll be using a print-on-demand service for print-production.

The Projects Goals

The target group of this catalog are non-crypto people. Besides the main goal of documenting a part of the current state of crypto art, we're following mainly 5 goals with the project:


1. Sell Art Prints

2. Win more Crypto Art Collectors

3. Promote Decentralized Technologies

4. Laying the Ground for Future Offline-Exhibitions

5. Make Some Money Selling the Catalog


In the following I'm laying out on how we want to accomplish these goals.

Selling Art Prints

You can show only digitally available artworks exclusively if you like to, but if you also want to sell prints, there should be a possibility to order these online somehow. We will then add a link and a QR-Code to your artworks, that viewers of the catalog can use to visit the corresponding online-shop or sales page. (Please keep that in mind / leave some space therefore when designing you page. Embedding some kind of an affiliate-program here is under evaluation currently.)


If you want to sell prints online but have no online-shop or similar yet, please contact us and we will find a solution therefore.

Win More Crypto Art Collectors

We will include a section that will introduce the concept of Crypto Art to the new audience. This will be a quite high level overview, finally directing the readers to the Crypto Art Discovery Zone (Link will follow) that is currently set up in Cryptovoxels as the Go-To-Place for onboarding new Crypto Art Collectors (as far as artists and anyone interested in Crypto Art).

Promote Decentralized / Blockchain Technologies

We will also include a section that will introduce the concept of Decentralized / Blockchain Technologies as a whole to the new audience. This will also be a quite high level overview containing a lot of peer reviewed links, that will refer further down the rabbit hole.

Laying the Ground for Future Offline-Exhibitions

Some day it will be safe again to plan and perform bigger offline exhibitions and when this day arrives we want to be ready. That means: As a participating artist we ask you to be ready to take part in a possible offline exhibition showing your work that is being presented in the catalog. We will finally ask all participating artists to provide physical artworks and/or digital frames for the time of the exhibition and to cover the shipping costs for sending and receiving back those if applicable.


Finally when having this catalog, it will make it possible to assemble a corresponding exhibition and everything that's required for it real quick then.


By the way, we're also planning on setting up a possible Virtual Exhibition in Cryptovoxels showing the artworks that are presented in the catalog.

Make some money selling the catalog

If I were another art lover and would discover this catalog, I definitely would want to get one. Regarding current research, possible profits per catalog sold will probably be between 4,00 to 7,00 EUR (4,50 - 8,00 USD.) We're also planning on distributing 70% of the profits made with the catalog between the participating artists. (We'll still have to figure it out on how to do this exactly so that it is efficient and legally compliant, but I'm sure we'll find a way.)


How To Participate

As An Artist

As an artist please provide us with the following:


One or two print ready double DIN A4 pages including:

  • Your Bio (including your website / main profile URL)
  • An Artists Statement
  • Images and possible descriptions of artworks and maybe projects you want to be shown in the catalog

+ An info on where to buy your (physical) artworks online and/or if you want us to help you set up a possible shop/purchase option. 


By the way: If you want to show animated work, why not use the Artivive-App therefore. Anyway that would be real great if at least some artists would use it for works being presented in the catalog. (Of course please add a corresponding hint to the affected artworks on your page.)


Deadline: Please provide this until Thursday, April 30th 2020, 10 PM CET.


Please send all submissions and/or download-links to: hello at with the subject "Catalog Submission 2020 {Your Artists Name}"


We will then work on the refinement of all submissions and are planning to have the whole print ready catalog assembled at the end of May 2020. 

As a Supporter

If you're not an artists but would like to support this project nevertheless in some way, please just contact us and let's talk about the possibilities.

What's Next?

We're now promoting this project, hoping to get a lot of artists in this catalog. If you want to help with promotion, please RT this tweet for instance.


Finally we might set up a DAO for this project as this might be a great fit here. Or we will use the existing Creative Collabo DAO. Imagine to also enable the buyers of the catalog to become part of the project by buying some DAO shares! That would be really great, although a lot of legal questions will have to be answered first in this case. So the right model therefore would still have to be figured out. 


Editions: Crypto Art evolves quickly. So if this project will be a success, we might decide to repeat this, setting up a new edition next year or so. But first, let's see where this one is going.


If you have any questions or ideas on how to improve this projects please just contact us.





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