Launching a Playground-DAO for Coordinating Creative Web3 Projects

TL;DR: We've launched a DAO (a digital decentralized autonomous organization) to "gain experience with DAOs for coordinating creative web3 projects." The first use case we will be coordinating collaboration regarding the CryptoPortraits Project. The DAO is called "Creative Collabo DAO" and you can find/join it at Daohaus.

I've been excited about DAOs since I've heard about them for the first time in 2016 (regardless of the difficult start of the first DAO). Technology has evolved massively since then and quite many DAOs came to life meanwhile, most of them just recently.


Now it's the time to get our own hands dirty in the DAO-Game and to experience first hand what it's like to set up and run a DAO and to remotely collaborate with people around the world we may have never met in person.


The DAO has been launched using Daohaus and is called "Creative Collabo DAO". The first use case we're approaching for this DAO is the CryptoPortraits Project. This is an experimental NFT-Project, where we release Ai-Generated Portraits as 1 of 1 edition NFTs. Not only are these portraits quite nice to look at and fun to collect, we're experimenting with these NFTs as we are embedding them into (the stories of) other projects we've launched and giving them additional utilities that way. 


For instance are these portraits part of the PROOFofSOUND Ai-Music Project, where hodling the portraits of virtual musicians will get you some of the profits possibly made with the music airdropped to your wallet. As a second project embedding CryptoPortraits there's CryptoStories, a Writing x NFT Experiment and Collaboration with Alan Smale aka Puffin. The idea is that some portraits/characters get a written story, where they are part of. Further more it is planned, as these stories evolve and mix up over time, the hodlers of the characters portraits will be able to influence the story in their sense. (Btw.: Some portraits are on auction currently.)

The Primary Purpose of the Creative Collabo DAO

The primary purpose of the Creative Collabo DAO is - for the beginning - to a) manage/distribute funds regarding the CryptoPortraits Project and b) to make common decisions about the future of the project.

The Secondary Purpose of the DAO

The secondary purpose of the DAO is to offer a playground for everyone interested in DAOs and the future of collaboration/work but doesn't know how/where to start. We've seen a lot of DAOs with more or less high entry barriers (imho). These barriers might be a relatively high amount of ETH to bring with, a mission of the DAO someone cannot necessarily fully relate to or an uncertainty regarding roles and responsibilities coming with joining the DAO. (Not wondering at all that these barriers exist and there's no doubt they can be overcome when you really want it. Anyway we're doing this here primarily for creative people that are interested in DAOs and are looking to gain some experience with them without investing too much time and money.)


We want to keep the barriers to enter the Creative Collabo DAO as low and the roles and responsibilities as clear as possible.


All in all, we're trying to build a little very lightweight organization here, that is community governed and able to survive and thrive independently of single individuals. Not only do we see community governance as a major chance for achieving sustainable success, as single individuals are often the "single point of failure" of an organization. I think this is one of the game-changing possibilities that decentralized technologies and networks have to offer. 


Besides that, nearly everyone who likes to, can join the DAO. They just have to "bring the tribute" (see below) and be voted in by the existing members. An organization type more or less everyone can join with the lowest entry barriers ever existed. Compared to the existing (corporate) world/types of organizations, this is another game-changing principle we like to get some experience with. 

About DAOhaus / The Technology Behing

As read on the page, where you will find further informationen:


"Daohaus is on a mission to lower coordination cost to ZERO.


Daos are a powerful new type of organization, where no one person is in control. Instead, the power is distributed amongst all members of the dao. In Moloch daos, Members are granted Shares in exchange for Tribute, with which they vote on proposals. Once funds are in a dao, not a single penny can be distributed without a proposal.


Further Reading: For more info about daos, and Molochs specifically, read the Moloch Primer for Humans."


Anyway an interesting option here is called Ragequit: "If a Member strongly disagrees with a proposal, and as long as they don’t have a ‘Yes’ vote on any open proposals, they can ragequit during this period to burn their Shares and withdraw their remaining Tribute before the proposal can be processed." (Source)

So How To Get Involved in the Creative Collabo DAO?

To join the DAO you will need to own at least one CryptoPortrait (you can buy one here) and at least be willing to invest a minimum of 0.1 ETH (respectively wETH), that will be added to the DAOs bank. Therefore you will receive a share of the DAO, that will be held by your wallet. (Yes a crypto-wallet, like Metamask, is also required to join the DAO.) 


There's also a little "Walk Through" on how to pledge as a member below.

How To Contribute to the CryptoPortraits Project?

There are several ways to contribute. For example:

  1. Give some input/feedback/advice on the project/setup/future ideas/story themes
  2. Create an Ai-Generated Portrait that'll become part of the CryptoPortraits Store
  3. Create or offer an illustration or crypto artwork that may become part of a story
  4. Write a (guest) story (Please get in touch with us before doing so.)
  5. Of course: Spread the word

How Do We Communicate?

There's a discord-channel for that you'll be invited to after you became part of the DAO. 

How To Engange with the DAO?

The DAO itself has been set up using the Daohaus-Technology and that comes a frontend called "Pokemole" (also see screenshots below) that you will mainly face as a user when engaging with the DAO. You will engage with the DAO when you want to

  • become a member of the DAO
  • add a proposal for voting
  • vote on a proposal
  • receive funds for contributing to the DAO
  • (rage) quit

7-Step "Walk Through" on how to pledge as a DAO-member

In the following we're documenting the process you will have to follow if you'd like to become a member of the DAO. Please note, that, as already stated above, you will also have to own at least one CryptoPortrait to pledge successfully as a member.

Step 1

(Only required if you don't have at least 0.1 wETH in your wallet.)


First of all you will need some (0.1) wETH as this is the currency the DAO is working with. (In case you haven't heard this before: This is "Wrapped ETH" and if you're wondering WTF this is all about, please visit this nicely illustrated website to get enlightened.)


You can exchange ETH (or any other listed ERC20-Token) for wETH for instance using the Uniswap-Exchange or you can use the WETH-Station from OpenSea, that can be found under the Account-Tab after logging in with your wallet. It looks like this:


Step 2

Please go to, log in using your wallet and click on "Pledge to Join".

Step 3

Enter the values as seen on the screenshot and click on "Next Step".

(You could enter some different values here but this might lead to some confusion at this stage of the project, so we recommend using the suggested ones.)

Step 4

Confirm with a click on "Pledge"

Step 5

Confirm the transaction with your wallet in the window that pops up. 

Step 6

Wait for confirmation.

You should finally see a screen like this:

Step 7

Please send a tweet like: "I'd like to join the Creative Collabo DAO set up by @PROOFofARTWORK because {enter your reason here}. My address is {the wallet address you pledged with}." (Anyway be sure to tag us.)


(You can also DM us your address.)


Done so far.


An existing member of the DAO will start a proposal to onboard you as a member then and if you get more Yes than No Votes you're on board. This process will take about 5 days.

We might also be documenting the voting process etc. in the near future.


PS: Interested in what it's like to set up a DAO like this? We've got you covered and also documented this whole process with screenshots below.


PPS: As I've heard there a new version (V2) coming up for Daohaus DAOs, so there might be some changes to these processes soon.

As we're talking: If you've made it that far, chances are you're really interested in the future of online collaboration and there's something you might be interested in:


Just a few days ago, the author of this article, Hans Benzin, joined the MetaFam / MetaGame. MetaGame is "The silicon valley of Web3, a real life RPG.". 

So, if Next Level Massive Online Coordination is your thing, you might want to go to

and join us!

Documenting the DAO-Setup with DAOHAUS

For those who're interested in this, in the following we are documenting to process of setting up a DAO with Daohaus (using screenshots only).

Finally made it! In the following we're accessing our newly generated Pokemol Interface:

--- The End ---