Launching a Virtual Reality Art Gallery

Hello World! After setting up our brand and stuff, we just launched Version 1.0 of our Virtual Art Gallery. It’s located in Cryptovoxels, which "is a user owned virtual world" that "is powered by the Ethereum blockchain“ as you can read on the corresponding website. 


You can join this virtual world instantly and without having to make an account, just by using your web browser. Cryptovoxels can also be experienced with the most common Virtual Reality Devices, such as Oculus Go, Gear VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, which makes it very interesting.    


The project is very new and under heavy development by a small team (more precisely 1 developer at the moment.) That means it’s possible, that users still may experience some bugs here and there.


Nevertheless the project is very promising and we saw a lot of artists and art-platforms joining and building up galleries these days. 


The address of our Virtual Reality Art Gallery in Cryptovoxels is

65 Boots Crossing

Little Tokyo

Origin City


It can be visited by clicking the following link:,71N


Website of the project:

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