Bringing you Writing x NFTs: Hello CryptoStories

Joining forces with Puffin, aka Alan Smale, who's well known in the CryptoArt-Space for his writing, we're bringing you CryptoStories. CryptoStories is meant to be some kind of an Addon to the recently launched CryptoPortraits Projects.  


With this Addon, you can own characters of written stories as 1 of 1 Edition Ai-Generated Portraits (NFTs) on the Blockchain. Not only is this fun, the idea is, that the hodlers of the Portraits will finally also be able to influence the course of the story in their sense!


The stories will be published as e-mails/content on 

For the launch we're starting with 4 stories, that are coming with corresponding Portraits: Aliyah, Marty, Michael and Martha.

Each of their introduction story is also tied to the corresponding NFT using NFT-Scribe. (Pending for Aliyah)


The Portrait of Aliyah already got a new owner with the launch of the CryptoPortraits Project. But you still can place a bid on it on OpenSea.


The other 3 Portraits are now on auction for 10 days, starting at 0.01 ETH each. So we'd be really happy if you'd like to place a bid on one of those and therefore become a part of this adventure.


While this idea still has to prove itself to the audience, later on, this might even evolve into an (illustrated) Print-on-Demand Book for instance. As with everything we do, this whole project will contain a lot of experimenting, for example with different ideas to attract new readers and collectors.


Besides that, there are several ideas on how to involve other creatives here. So if you'd like to contribute with illustrations, character design or writing, please just contact us. Same applies in case you have any questions or more ideas on how to enhance this project.

Screenshot of the tool NFT-Scribe, showing the introduction story of Martha, tied to the corresponding CryptoPortrait-NFT.