Ai-Generated Open Source Music Releases + Associated NFTs

Visual Art and Music can't be separated. So today we're releasing two Debut Albums with Ai-Generated Music by two fictitious Bands/Groups consisting of Virtual Musicians. Album No. 1 is called "Millions for Melodies" and is made by the Ai-Orchestra "Army with Harmony" who are into Classical Music. Album No. 2 is called "Chilling with the Gods" and played by the Algorithmic Jazz Alliance and - you guessed it - it's Jazz Music.


As we had to choose a project's and finally label's name while publishing these albums, we have chosen to go with PROOFofSOUND


Both albums are available at all popular streaming services like Spotify, iTunes*, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play & Youtube Music, Amazon, Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, Napster and 150+ smaller outlets.and will sooner or later possibly also be available on decentralized streaming service, that are under evaluation currently. We also uploaded the tracks to SoundCloud.

*only the Jazz Album

Ai-Generated Classical Music

Army with Harmony

Millions for Melodies

Now available on:

Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play & Youtube Music, Amazon, SoundCloud, Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, Napster and 150+ smaller outlets

Ai-Generated Jazz Music

Algorithmic JAZZ Alliance

Chilling with the Gods

Now available on:

Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play & Youtube Music, Amazon, SoundCloud, Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, Napster and 150+ smaller outlets

The Covers were also generated using Artificial Intelligence.

Listen now on Soundcloud

Army with Harmony

Algorithmic JAZZ Alliance

Please note: The real cool people are listening to these releases at the Virtual PROOFofSOUND HQ in Cryptovoxels, see below.

Ai-Generated Music Videos by Bart Ionson

The great Artist Brad Ionson came up with an Ai-Generated Music Video for the first song from each album! These videos have also been tokenized using the Codex Protocol as a 1 of 1 Edition NFT each, so these pieces of history can be owned by some lucky collector(s). 

DEcision Making Process - Ai-Generated Music Video


Place a bid on this Video, which has been tokenized using the Codex Protocol, on OpenSea!


View the Codex-Record


More about the Artist Bard Ionson can be found on his Website


The Video-NFTs are on a 7d Auction right now, starting from 0.1 ETH. 


70% of the profits made with the Video-NFTs will be donated to thanks to Bard!

Releasing this as Open Source Music

All tracks released now are made Open Source using the CC BY-NC license, that allows non-commercial use as long as you credit us. (Please also add a link to the project's page:


Here's a copy of a short description of the license, as seen on on February 05, 2020:


"This license lets others remix, adapt, and build upon your work non-commercially, and although their new works must also acknowledge you and be non-commercial, they don’t have to license their derivative works on the same terms."


See "License Deed" | See Legal Code


(If you are looking for a different/custom license agreement, please contact us.)



MP3 Downloads

Download Full Album "Millions for Melodies" by "Army with Harmony" as .zip (MP3)
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 40.4 MB


Download the MIDI-Files from the Full Album "Millions for Melodies" by "Army with Harmony" as .zip
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 97.7 KB

Download Full Album "Chilling with the Gods" by "Algorithmic Jazz Alliance" as .zip (MP3)
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 46.0 MB
Download the MIDI-Files from the Full Album "Chilling with the Gods" by "Algorithmic Jazz Alliance" as .zip
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 69.1 KB

.WAV-Files upon Request.

Associated NFTs - NOW on Auction

Besides the tokenized Ai-Generated Music Videos as seen above, we're releasing several NFTs (Digital Collectibles on the Blockchain) regarding this project, that are on auction for the coming 4-6 days now, starting at 0,01 ETH each. 


There are releases of the Album Covers, limited to 10 each. There are also Ai-Generated Portraits of the Band/Orchestra Members being released as part of the project CryptoPortraits, as Edition 1 of 1 each.


Now comes the tricky part: Not only are these NFTs great collectables, they are also intended to fund future music productions and we're planning on airdropping a part of possible profits made with the associated bands/groups and albums/tracks to the NFT-Hodlers.

  • 15% of the profits possibly made with each album will be distributed among the hodlers of the corresponding NFT-Covers.
  • 15% of the profits possibly made by this and all possible future releases of each band/group will be distributed among hodlers of the corresponding NFT-CryptoPortraits.

(Payouts will be scheduled once a month, done in ETH or RDR [after upcoming Decentralize Exchange Listing] and distributed to the wallet-addresses of the NFT-Hodlers.)


WARNING: So far this is an experiment and it's not guaranteed or even necessarily very likely that any profits will ever be made with this music or that, until further notice, the operators will be available infinitely to distribute those funds! The proof that this concept works still has to be provided and a reliable infrastructure has yet to be build. 


With that being said, of course we'd like you to be part of this journey anyway :)


And, by the way, rumor has it that the utility of these NFTs might not stay limited to the cases stated above.

Covers as NFTs - Limited to 10 each

AI-Generated Virtual Band/Orchestra Members AS NFTs - Edition 1 of 1 Each

Army with Harmony Ai-Orchestra - 24 Members

Algorithmic Jazz Alliance - 5 Members

proofofsound HQ in CRyptovoxels

Nowadays it goes more ore less without saying, that having a location in Cryptovoxels is mandatory. Therefore we opened up the PROOFofSOUND HQ where you are also able to listen to all the released tracks. 

What's next?

We've set up a project's page on our website ( to sum up all informations relevant to the project in the future.


Next we'd love to release more generative music videos for the tracks and this comes with a Call for Video Artists! So if you'd like to contribute here, please contact us! Same applies for future Cover Artworks.


This project is of course also open for features, so if you're a producers or singer/songwriter yourself who'd like to be featured or work with us somehow, please also contact us


If we're able to secure the funding somehow, future releases might follow asap and there are also plans for extending variations, complexity and quality of the releases. Next styles to approach are HipHop/Trap/EDM as this is where Hans Benzin is coming from and he has also some experience in music production in that field.


To organize all this, especially the possible funds distribution and the possible further development, we are also considering getting our hands dirty with the launch of a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). But this would be a whole new level and it's still too early therefore today. Anyway collaborations with other DAOs have been discussed already. Let's see where this will be going. 


Oh, and last but not least, rumor also has it, that the next album release of the Algorithmic Jazz Alliance is already on it's way to the stores!


Please follow us on twitter and sign up for our occasionally send no-bullshit newsletter and don't miss out on any future releases!

Final thoughts

We hope you like this project and that the NFTs offered will getting a new home/wallet soon. This project can also be considered an experiment in Ai Music Production to reflect on what it might mean for the future of music production and creativity as a whole. In combination with Open Source Principles, Decentralized Technologies and new forms of collaboration and funding, we think this is an interesting "hot mix" worth trying.


If you have any questions or comments on this project, please reply to this tweet or contact us.

PS: There's a pending Metadata Change-Request which might lead to the circumstances, that a different cover is shown for the Jazz-Album at the Streaming Services until it's processed. This is because we changed this just before launch.

Update 2020-02-05: Open Source License Update