Hans Benzin is a digital artist from Germany born in 1980. He has been fascinated by computers and the possibilities of the internet ever since. He uses common image manipulation techniques as far as artificial intelligence and blockchain technology in various ways. 


His working style is characterized by a special joy of experimentation. Hans also loves nature and all things natural. This apparent contrast can often be spotted in his artworks.

His mission is not least to raise awareness for essential knowledge, that may have been known for long periods of time but somehow fell into oblivion. Therefore Hans creates images that can connect with the viewer on a deeper level and act as an anchor in a busy everyday life.


Besides visual art he’s also active in the fields of conceptual art and music production (using artificial intelligence).


Hans is also the Issuer of the Social Currency RADAR ($RDR).


  • Pancakes & Boozes, Oakland, January 2020 
  • Pure Form, Virtual Group Exhibition, Cryptovoxels, December 2019 - January 2020
  • International Crypto Art Show, Shanghai, China, November 2019 
  • Cent Cryptovoxels Art Tour, Cryptovoxels, November 2019
  • Crypto Art Show, Los Angeles, November 2019 
  • Rare Art Festival, New York City, May 2019

Selected Artworks

Present At the following CRYPTO Art Marketplaces

Present at the following Museums


PROOFofARTWORK Gallery in Cryptovoxels (Visit)


  • CryptoPortraits (Link)
  • Ever-Changing CryptoArt (#ECCA) (Link)
  • PROOFofSOUND (Link)
  • The Abstract Art Machine (Link)
  • Virtual Real Estate Projects:
    • PROOFofARTWORK Gallery (Link)
    • Creativity Promotion Center (Link)
    • PROOFofSOUND HQ (Link)


  • MetaFam
  • Various (Artists) Communities

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