Artists Services

We love to work with artists around the world and offer different opportunities for the promotion of artists and their work.


For example:

  • Bringing the artists work to the blockchain (CryptoArt), so that it can be owned, sold and traded.
  • Exhibit the artist's work in a Virtual Reality Gallery. (See the footer of this website for the links to our VR-Galleries)
  • Offering possible opportunities to attend further Online- & Offline Exhibitions and Events.
  • Offering possible opportunities to take part in promising Art Contests.
  • Promoting artists and their work online and offline to new audiences.
  • Offering to rent the ECCA-Network to "beam" your art/promotion into the wallets of several CryptoArt-Enthusiasts.
  • Offering to rent Billboards in Cryptovoxels.
  • Support with training an AI-Model to generate artworks based on your own art.
  • Access to engaging International Artist's Networks.

Want to learn more about our Artists Services? We'd love to be hearing from you!

Tokenized Services

Some of our Services are tokenizes and currently on auction. You can place bids on them, right at the integrated store below or on OpenSea


Bids/payments are exclusively accepted in RADAR ($RDR).