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What WE're all About

We're promoting creativity as the key competence for building a desirable future.

Why? Because we don't trust the established systems and actors to be able to achieve this goal. 

Therefore we're using decentralized technologies as far as inclusive management and are creating, selling, buying and promoting art. 

Recent Events & Exhibitions

Pancakes & Boozes
Oakland, CA

January 18th, PM PST

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Crypto Art Show
Shanghai, China

November 15th, 6-8PM

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Crypto Art Show
Downtown Los Angeles, CA

November 9th, 7-11PM

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The Cent Cryptovoxels Art Tour

Just happened in


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Artwork of the Month

"The Standalone Eye Popping Up" 

The Standalone Eye makes itself and the viewer wonder: Why and how the f*ck is this eye popping up? 


Based upon a simple scribble, interpreted by magic artificial intelligence and then heavily modified by the artist, this Standalone Eye came to life. 


Rumor has it that the curiosity this artworks evokes as far as the energy and strength that it radiates will finally transfer to the observant collector.



Available as:


Digital Edition 1 of 1 (NFT) on SuperRare


PROOFofARTWORK.COM innovative Art

PROOFofARTWORK is an Online-Gallery for innovative Art, offering Crypto Art & Digital Art Prints. Crypto Art, also referred to as Rare Digital Art, is Digital Art, tokenized on the Blockchain using Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). Therefore it is ownable, tradable and comes with a build in Proof of Authenticity. (It also can be Art topically about Crypto.) We're also offering Art Prints of Digital Artworks and host Exhibitions in our Virtual Reality Galleries. Besides traditional Digital Art we also offer Art made with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI-Art).


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